Amazonite w/ Smoky Quartz Point 001


Calm Hope Grounding


Like the river, Amazonite encourages you to go with the flow and be flexible, especially when life doesn’t go as planned. It calms anxiety and soothes stress, helping you become more balanced, emotionally and physically. Hope lies in the heart which is why Amazonite is connected to the heart chakra, and helps you overcome obstacles by clearing away doubts and fears. It also resonates with the throat chakra, enabling you to communicate clearly and with confidence.

Smoky Quartz

A Stone of Power, Smoky Quartz eliminates negativity, sadness and emotional pain – within you and around you – and enables you to move forward. Throughout history it has held a potent role in spiritual practices to pull you out of the past and evoke positive change. A powerful stone of protection, Smoky Quartz is connected to the root chakra, and will help you stay calm and focussed in the here and now.

Weight 552 g

5-6cm, 6-7cm, 7-8cm